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Flights to Melbourne

Cheap Flights to Melbourne Australia from UK with Emailflights.com. Cheap Melbourne flights, once the capital of Australia, is often referred to as its sporting capital as it is host to a huge variety of events including the Melbourne Cup and a Formula One Grand Prix to name just a few.  A cheap flight to Melbourne will provide access to a city worthy of much exploration. Take a ride on the tram system, which is not just a functioning mode of transport but also a tourist icon or walk on the wild side with a visit to Melbourne Zoo. You can also see some spectacular views from the Melbourne observation deck.
Melbourne has something for everyone: family outings, local and international art, countless shops, multicultural dining, Australian and Aboriginal history, spectator sports and vibrant nightlife. Get your bearings on the free City Circle Tram loop around the city. For unique attractions, head to Healesville Sanctuary to see local animal species, or take the Aboriginal Heritage Walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Make a side trip to a national park to enjoy the area's rugged beauty.
Cheap flights to Melbourne will arrive at Tullamarine Airport. From the UK, direct flights to Melbourne usually take about 23 hours, although will usually stop over in Asia en route or via USA or the middle east.
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