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Japan is an extraordinary and enchanting destination offering outstanding scenery and a culture as far removed from our own as is possible to imagine. Japan’s society is built around centuries-old traditions, yet it has established itself as a world-leader in the fields of industry and technology. Our wide choice of flights allows you to take a glimpse into the most fascinating and beautiful places Japan has to offer.

When there you have to take a trip on the famous bullet train reaching speeds of up to 270 kilometres per hour.Japan’s rail network is famed across the globe, and justifiably so, as it is argued to be the most efficient and convenient rail service in the world, travelling up to speeds of 270 kilometres per hour and linking all of its major cities. Exploring Japan’s rail network can be a rewarding experience and is an enjoyable and cost effective way to traverse the country’s diverse scenery.

At your visit there you should also experience the full Japanese culture by staying in a Ryokans (Traditional inn). For a truly Japanese experience and to immerse fully into the culture, a stay in a traditional inn, or Ryokan, is a must. There are a lot of Ryokans throughout Japan with a variety of styles, but traditional examples offer a truly memorable cultural experience added to outstanding levels of service. Your simple and functional room will usually consist of one large space which, during the day, is used as a living room but then transforms into a comfortable bedroom with a futon on top of the tatami mat flooring. Relax in an onsen (a hot spring bath) before changing into your traditional Yukata (robe) to enjoy the Afternoon Tea and traditional meals, usually served in your room. Ryokans outside the major cities of Japan often have peaceful, traditional gardens.

To complete your visit in Japan you have to witness the spectacular natural beauty of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, an event of nature that's becoming more and more famous during the years.

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