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Flights to Johannesburg

The capital of the Rainbow Nation, Johannesburg, is full of wonder and excitement. Whether you are using it as a base to tour the vast country, or limiting yourself to the delights of the city, the allure of the capital never quite ends.

The country is a mix of both the painful past and the bright future of the country. It sports trendy malls, exclusive dining facilities, and up-class restaurants that will have even the fussiest diner satisfied. The trendy suburbs offer picturesque locations for quiet and intimate evenings. For more excitement, through a little caution to the wind in the Gold Reef City’s many amusements, including their casinos.

You can also go and experience the vibrancy of the locals in Soweto. Enjoy an authentic South African night out with plenty of drinks, music, dancing and laughs. Don’t be too picky, let yourself go and enjoy locally prepared dishes as you socialize with the friendly locals around.

After you are through with the people, head out on a safari or head out to the Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a picnic, complete with a bottle of South African wine. Johannesburg is also home to one of the oldest human remains, a 2 million year old skull. The list of things to do here doesn’t seem to end.

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