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We have tried to give answers to some of the questions we get asked most regularly. If you have other questions or queries, please use the Contact Us page.


ATOL Protection – What does it mean?

ATOL is a financial protection scheme managed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). is required to hold a licence called an Air Travel Organiser's Licence ("ATOL"), which is granted after the company, has met the CAA's licensing requirements. In the event of failure, the ATOL scheme ensures customers who paid and contracted with the ATOL holder for certain bookings do not lose the monies paid or get stranded abroad. Our ATOL Licence number is 9364.

My booking has been impacted due to COVID19

These are unprecedented times many individuals being affected and unable to travel because of their travel arrangements been changed or cancelled due to COVID19.

Credit note:- Some airlines are offering full value credit vouchers which we are happy to process on your behalf as per airline policy.

Date changes:- Some airlines are offering customers to change their flight dates to later date in future for Free of Cost. Please contact our customer services team to process this. Please note if the value of the new ticket is higher we would need to collect the fare difference and if the ticket value is lower then no refund will be offered.

Refunds:- Some airlines are offering a choice between credit vouchers or refunds and for us to process these refunds on your behalf, you need to contact our customer services team for a refund form to be completed and sent back to us to process your refund.

Without a signed refund form we are not able to process any refunds.

Why does it take so long to receive a refund during COVID19?

All refund requests are being processed on behalf of our customers and being put through to airlines however since the start of COVID19 airline refund process has changed. Prior to COVID19 we would process all refund request via our GDS (Global Distribution System) which we use to book your flight tickets. We would normally receive refunds from airlines within 6 weeks. Airlines now require us to complete a manual process by completing a form which requires detailed information of the ticket which is very time consuming and delaying the process for refunds. Once the airline approves the refund request we get paid in our next billing cycle. We appreciate waiting for a refund is frustrating and we are really sorry.

How do I know if I have successfully completed my booking/order?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an automated e-mail containing your confirmation number and full details of the product that you have purchased.

This process can take anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how accurate information you have provided at the time of the booking.

For any reason wrong payment method has been selected or incorrect billing information is provided. This could cause further delays in you receiving your confirmation, as the booking would need to be dealt with by our customer team member.

I haven't received or I have lost my confirmation e-mail, how do I get another copy?

If you have not received your confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of making a booking or have lost the e-mail, please check your 'deleted items' and 'Junk Mail' folders.
To check if the booking was successfully made and obtain another copy of your confirmation e-mail you can contact us to make a request for a new confirmation or enquire about the booking status by on 08713365555

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What is an electronic ticket (or E-ticket)?

Electronic tickets are stored within the airlines reservation system rather than printed on a paper copy. The service is similar to the traditional paper ticket process, but eliminates the time and hassle associated with purchasing or exchanging a paper ticket.

For flights that only require an 'electronic ticket', when you arrive at the airline check in desk you will be required to present the following items in order to receive your boarding pass:

- Appropriate identification and travel documents i.e. passport, visa if required, etc.
- A printout of your confirmation page or confirmation e-mail to present to the check in representative.
- The credit/debit card you paid with (This only applies if you are flying with SASK or Air France).
Please note: It is the passengers' responsibility to check and obtain the relevant passport, visa and health inoculations for the country they are travelling to.

What's my baggage allowance?

The baggage allowance to which you are entitled will vary from airline to airline and between scheduled carriers.

Some scheduled carriers will usually give a free allowance for checked luggage as well as permitting a small amount of hand luggage to be taken into the aircraft cabin. Amounts may vary according to destination and airline so please contact us on the number given on your confirmation email for the precise amount in kilograms.
Luggage allowance shown on your confirmation is per person for schedule airlines.
Some long-haul airlines give you a choice of fares when you fly in economy cabin. This gives you greater flexibility and allows you to pay for only the benefits and services you need. Baggage allowance is shown on the summary page before booking or confirming a booking. It is important for you to check and book the correct product. There is always an option to add extra baggage for a charge.

No frills carriers will almost always charge for checked luggage. This should have been offered to you as an option during the booking process and will be shown on your flight confirmation. Hand luggage to be taken into the aircraft cabin is strictly limited and must conform to both the weight and the size allowance that the airline specifies. If you are in any doubt please contact us on the number given on your confirmation email.

There is a mistake on my confirmation / E-Mail, what should i do?

If you see a mistake on your confirmation e-mail or documentation, please fill in and submit the Contact Us form and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

At what age is an air passenger considered an infant/child?

Infant: 0 - 23 months for the full travel period.
Child: 2 - 11 years for the full travel period.

Infants are not allocated a seat and will be required to travel on an adult's lap. If you require a seat for your infant, you will need to purchase a child seat.

Do I need to reconfirm flights?

We require you to reconfirm flights 72 hours prior to departure with the airline or us to ensure that your departure times are correct. Airlines from time to time change their flight schedule and it may not be possible to advise you once you have departed the UK or if we are unable to contact you.

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What if I need an invoice or receipt?

You can use your confirmation e-mail as a receipt or invoice for your booking.

If you require a new copy of your confirmation e-mail, you can use the Contact Us form to make your request.

For business customers travelling on a business trip, the booking must be made using a business credit card in the travellers name, using the business address. We can only accept payment for bookings in the passenger’s name and the address the payment card is registered at.

Can I change the details or travel dates of my booking?

Much depends on what changes you need to make and what the rules are for the specific flight you have booked.

If you wish to amend a booking or wish to enquiry if a specific change can be made, then please fill in the Contact Us form and submit your change or enquiry. We will then be able to check the booking details and get back to you as soon as possible to advise if the amendment is possible and if it will incur a refund or additional charge. In some cases flights are totally non-refundable and non-changeable and so the airline would treat changes to travel dates as a cancellation and you would need to re-book and pay again. For more flexible tickets and hotels reservations, Email Flights typical amendment fees are approximately £75 pounds in addition to the charge levied by the hotel or airline supplier, if applicable. All fees will be advised prior to any amendment being made on your behalf.

Click here to go to the Contact Us form.

How do I cancel my Flight ticket?

To submit a cancellation enquiry please use our Contact Us form and supply the booking / order reference number, we aim to respond to your enquiry with in 24 hours.

Most low priced tickets are completely non-refundable. For this reason we recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance before booking. However cancellation charges can vary and in some cases, a part refund can be obtained, which is calculated by deducting the airline’s cancellation fee and Email Flights administration fee. Full fees will be explained to you at the time of cancellation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We also accept major debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard.

Information on payment methods is outlined on the website once you select your product.

Credit cards may be subject to a surcharge; this will be specified at the time of booking as this is usually based on a percentage of the booking cost.

Can I use the return portion of my flight ticket, without using the outward?

You are required to use all flight coupons in order of sequence. If you do not travel on the outbound flight then the airline may cancel the ticket and any subsequent flights booked.

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What is a 3rd Party Payment?

Where the cardholder is not traveling and making a payment for another passenger, then we require a 3rd party payment form to be completed. This is in order to protect you & Email from widespread credit card fraud in travel bookings, we reserve the right to refuse payment by credit card over the phone or through a website booking. Any bookings made over the phone or through the website which may be a security risk will be held on option for an agreed time to enable payment by the following means.
Payment in Person at our offices, cardholders must present their payment card.
Cleared funds deposited into our bank account.
Normal cancellation charges will apply if we do not receive the 3rd party payment form back.

What time should I check in for my flight?

Please note that it is always best to check with the airline for accurate check in times.
We recommend that you check in at least 2 hours prior to departure for a short hall flight and at least 3 hours for a long haul flight.

Can I pay a deposit on a Flight or Holiday?

Yes you can pay a deposit on a flight or a holiday depending on the conditions of the airline ticket. Please call our sales team on 02089270920 to find out further. Minimum deposit payments we can accept is from £50*

What happens if the airline brings my deposit deadline date forward?

If you have already paid in full for your airline ticket we will issue the ticket prior to the new deadline to avoid any additional charges.

If we have not received full payment we will make every effort to contact you either by phone or email to advise you of the new deadline. At this point you have the option to pay in full so we can issue the ticket on the new deadline date or will endeavour to rebook you on the next available fare. Please note additional charges will apply.

Please note: notification periods are governed by the airline, and occasionally this notification period can be limited.

What is API or Advance Passenger Information?

For security reasons, the US, most EU States and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API)
Adding Advance Passenger Information (where applicable) in advance will speed up check-in for flights.

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Refunds - When can I expect my refund?

If you have already cancelled your reservation the refundable portion of the purchase price paid (if any) will be refunded to you. Alternatively if we are refunded by the supplier we shall pass this refund onto you. Depending on the product purchased you can expect your refund to be processed within the guidelines set out below:

Car Hire

10-14 working days (cancelled prior to pick up)


10-14 working days (For pre paid hotel reservations i.e where payment is made in advance to EmailFlights and is not payable on check in locally)

Flights & Packages

From 10 - 12 weeks (for tax refunds and unused tickets cancelled prior to departure)

Please note for partially used tickets the applicable refund amount must be recalculated by the airline and as such EmailFlights are unable to provide a timeframe for processing. This can, depending on the carriers internal policies and can take up to 6 months.

Usually fares for Low Cost Carrier flights are non-refundable. You should contact the airline direct to cancel low cost flights. In the event that you decide to cancel your low cost flight, our booking fees are non-refundable.

If I have used only part of my ticket, am I entitled to a refund on the unused sector(s)?

In case of partial refunds, the applicable one way fare and taxes for the utilized sector of travel and the cancellation/ refund charges are deducted and the balance amount is refunded.

However in case of certain highly discounted fares, partially utilized tickets are non refundable. You will need to check the rules of the fare at the time of making the reservation.

What do you mean by Fare Conditions?

All air tickets are governed by fare conditions and they determine the price of the ticket. Depending on the fare conditions the fares tend to vary. The most flexible fares have the least restrictions attached to it and are more expensive. It is very essential to know the most common conditions:

Whether the ticket is refundable and the charges related to it

Whether the ticket dates/flight can be changed and the charges related to it

Whether there is no show charges related to it

Be sure to ask our sales agent about the fare conditions related to the fare/flights that you are purchasing.

Travelling with an infant

Infant baggage guidelines will vary between airlines and sometimes form part of your adult baggage allowance, depending on the airline. Depending on the age of the child, infant passengers may also be permitted to bring a car seat or baby capsule on board. Strollers and collapsible prams are generally allowed to be taken to the boarding gate where they will be checked there. Airlines may also have specific requirements as to the type of car seat in order to ensure the infants safety. For specific infant seat requirements, refer to your airline for correct information.

Though there are restrictions when it comes to carrying liquids onto an aircraft, parents of infants are allowed to carry a certain amount of breast milk, baby formula, juice or baby food for use during the flight. Amounts will vary depending on the destination and airline. Always check with your airline before departure.

Bulky Items

Bulky items such as golf clubs, music equipment, ski equipment or bicycles may be included as part of your checked baggage allowance if there is enough space on the aircraft, or an additional fee may apply. Generally items such as fishing rods, bicycles or surfboards must be packed in an appropriate way that abides by the airlines baggage restrictions. For specific details check with your airline.

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Travel Visas

Before travelling abroad, you should check whether the countries you are travelling to require you to have a visa for travel, even if you are only visiting them through transit. If you don't have the necessary travel visas, you may be refused boarding of your flight or, worse, you could be refused entry on your arrival and be deported.

ESTA regulations for travel to USA

The USA has implemented the new Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for all passengers to the USA who are travelling under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) (ie can enter America without a visa). This includes all passengers in transit who are using the VWP to change planes in the USA en route to another country.

What do I need to do?

Travellers have to obtain online authorisation (known as an ESTA) before arriving at the airport. This can be done online at, where filling in the form should take about 15-20 minutes. Authorisation is normally immediate, but can take up to 72 hours. All passengers must have their own ESTA approval - this includes accompanied and unaccompanied children, regardless of age.

Due to the above potential delay in authorisation, the US Department of Homeland Security highly recommends that travellers submit ESTA registrations at least 72 hours before their US-bound flights are scheduled to depart. Note that travellers don't need to have firm travel plans to apply for authorisation.

What will happen?

Once this information has been successfully submitted, it will be run against appropriate law enforcement databases. If granted, ESTA authorisation will be valid for two years (or until the traveller's passport expires) as well as for multiple entries to the USA. For each new visit you must update your ESTA information about your flights and where you will be staying.

The USA Department of Homeland Security will then archive the information for 12 years - allowing it to be retrieved should any law enforcement investigation require it.

All passengers travelling under the VWP who do not have ESTA authorisation will not be permitted entry onto their carrier. We therefore highly recommend that travellers apply for their ESTA as soon as they've made arrangements for travel to the US.

Other travellers:

If you need a visa to enter or transit through the USA, you don't need to apply for an ESTA.

Why do we charge a administration fee?

We work on minimum mark ups on flight tickets and bring value for money to our customers by offering discounted flight tickets and products.

There is a cost to process a refund. These costs relate to processing fees to receive refund, credit/debit card costs, human intervention to process refunds and to cover overhead costs.

Due to exceptional circumstances for COVID19 we have waived our administration fees for customers accepting credit notes or date changes.

Does EU regulation 261 apply to my cancelled flights?

EmailFlights is a booking agent on behalf of an airline and not an airline and we are not subject to EU regulation 261.

EmailFlights liaise with airlines on behalf of our customers to obtain refunds.

Comments or Complaints

All comments or complaints are required to be in writing. To submit a comment or complaint please e-mail us via the Contact Us form this will then get submitted to the correct team and dealt with accordingly.
You may prefer to post your comment or complaint, if so our address is as follows:
Email Flights
223 Kenton Road
Regarding any complaint, Email Flights would like to take this opportunity to apologise if you are unhappy with any part of your experience or service. We aim to resolve the complaint within 28 days pending a full investigation, please be aware that during peak seasons this may take a little longer then normal.

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