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Barcelona is an easy favorite city for most travelers. It combines the vibes of a cosmopolitan city with the enchanting beauty of seaside. There you can have a deeper look at culture, food, life. Travelers can wander in Park Guel and enjoy the stunning views, visit Sagrada Familia and feel the vibes of Antoni Gaudi's modernist landmark as well as explore the Magic Fountain of Montjuic and Arc de Triomf!

Your stay there can be even more exciting thanks to the food you can taste. Some must dishes are Paella, Bombas and Churros that travelers find hard to resist. Booking your  flights to Barcelona could be everything that you can ask for if you are a beach lover. With 100 miles of coastline, it can make your dreams come true! From Barceloneta Beach to Garraf, travelers will find their own heaven on earth!  

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