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From water sports, miles of white sandy beach to jungle adventure, we have the Caribbean holiday for you.


Caribbean flights take around nine hours from the UK. Flights to the Caribbean arrive in an archipelago destination once popular only amongst retired people and honeymooners, but which has now opened up many travel opportunities for all.
Each of the Caribbean islands has its own character and atmosphere, as well as a whole host of activities to enjoy. Golf is popular on Jamaica, Barbados and the Cayman Islands, whilst sailing and boating is on offer from most Caribbean resorts. Jamaica is famous for its rum and its reggae, whilst Cuba has a unique historical heritage, and offers holidays from all-inclusive luxury to spit and sawdust adventure. So whether you want to visit the Windward Isles, the Leeward Isles, the Dutch or French Caribbean or even the Spanish islands, a flight to the Caribbean will open up this world for you.
Flight prices for the Caribbean will rise in the December to April season, spanning Christmas and the spring break, and offering the driest weather of the islands' year. Using our Flight Finder tool to search for a cheap flight is the best way to achieve a good flight deal, not forgetting to book well in advance. Cheap flights to the Caribbean are more likely in September to December, the low season that sees the cost of flights drop quite significantly, and which means that you can enjoy more and spend less when you arrive.
When Columbus stumbled upon the islands of the Caribbean while searching for a new route to Asia he must not have been able to believe his luck. Thousands of desert idylls drenched with year-round sunshine make up a place he mistakenly named the West Indies. Today, it is just as beautiful, although now you can stay in world-class hotels, scuba dive amazing reefs and discover enthralling history.
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