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People's Republic of China. 中华人民共和国

China is a vast, majestic land of contrasts and contradictions, covering an area larger than Europe and home to twice as many different languages and ethnicities. China’s past has laid some incredible foundations for today’s visitors and over 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites vie for your attention. But while there is timeless mysticism and ancient history, the country’s spectacular reform and dramatic development is equally enthralling.


China is the largest country in east Asia. It is the worlds most populated country. China is the second largest country by land area. (Land area 9.6 Million square meters)

Capital of China is Beijing and the main international airport in Beijing (BJS) is Peking (PEK).
Largest city in China is Shanghai (SHA) with 2 International airports Pu Dong International (PVG) being the main international airport followed by HongQiao International Airport.


The main Chinese carriers which operate flights from UK are Air China from London Heathrow to Beijing direct and new service from London Gatwick to Beijing with Air China. Beijing being the main hub for Air China with onward connections to other Chinese domestic route network, Asian cities, Far East cities and connecting Australia with daily flights into Sydney & Melbourne Australia.
China Eastern Airlines flying from London Heathrow to Shanghai Pu Dong airport and with connections to far east cities and connecting Sydney and Melbourne Australia.


China Southern have started operating flights daily from London Heathrow to Guangzhou and connecting to the local Chinese Cities, Far East & Australian cities to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Auckland in New Zealand.

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