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Brazil offers for both domestic and international tourists, an ample of options, with natural areas being its most popular tourism product, a combination of eco-tourism with leisure and recreation, mainly sun and beach, and adventure travel, as well as historic and cultural tourism. Rio de Janeiro: where sparkling waters, beautiful people, and historic neighborhoods and museums combine with the rich sounds of Samba and a thriving nightlife to give this Brazilian city its reputation as one of the most striking in the world. The Iguassu Waterfall is a true wonder of nature and is heralded as the most beautiful waterfall in the world by many visitors. The waterfall is located right at the border of the countries of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay about a two hour flight from Sao Paulo.


Brazil, the largest country in South America, is also one of its most colourful; from the stunning costumes of the carnival dancers in Rio de Janeiro to the rainbow feathers of a scarlet macaw in the Amazon rainforest. Due to its size, it offers a whole host of unforgettable experiences, which are made even more special by the friendly people, interesting mix of cultures and traditions, excellent food, and the ever-present rhythms of samba.

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