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Peru is a country that has a diversity and wealth not common in the world. Peru, officially the Republic of Peru. It is a country situated in western South America. It is bordered north by Ecuador and Colombia, towards east by Brazil, and the southeast by Bolivia. Peruvian mountains make Peru a magnet for lovers of South American mountains. There are many reasons a unique concentration of mountains and relatively few mountain climbers, mild weather almost all year long, and relatively easy access to sites that are nevertheless cut off from hectic city life. It is an ideal combination that makes Peru one of the most attractive destinations for mountaineers worldwide. The Maui surfboard made its debut on the Peruvian coast, since then, surfing has gathered enough fans as to become one of the most widely practiced sports around. The waves off the Peruvian coast are well-known all over the world and some of the best breakers -such as Punta Rocas south of Lima or Cabo Blanco to the north- are part of the surfing world championship circuit. Peru has ideal beaches that will satisfy the most demanding surfer all year round.

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