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United States of America


Mickey Mouse, Miami Vice, Sleepless in Seattle... thanks to cinema and TV we all have impressions of the United States of America. Yet nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Manhattan’s unforgettable skyline, your first ride in a yellow cab, the ubiquitous hamburger joints, the vast expanses of prairie, the sweet strains of New Orleans jazz or the neon-lit excesses of Las Vegas. USA Flights arrive in a vast country that is full of crazy contradictions, diverse destinations, and lots of surprises.


The USA is a sprawling country that stretches across the middle of the North American continent, and includes several Pacific islands as well as the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Flights to the USA take you to an awesome country packed with great cities - such as Miami, home of glorious beaches and multi-cultural harmony; New Orleans, rising from the hurricane devastation and home to the Mardi Gras celebration; and Chicago at the heart of the Midwest. Whatever your destination, the USA offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore, enjoy, relax and let loose. And, as the home of some astoundingly imaginative and adventurous theme parks, this country is also one where you can add white-knuckle rides, thrills, screams and chills to your itinerary. So from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Boston and Dallas to Washington D.C. there is loads to explore by car.


Views of Grand Canyon at dawn where the colours of sun are pink

The USA also provides some of the World's Most Famous Natural Attractions including the national parks of Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and Carlsbad Caverns to name but a few and other areas of natural beauty including the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Far from being all about the artificial, America offers much that is not man-made, including a depth of history and culture belied by the popular tourist approach. From buildings to burgers and national parks to theme parks, the USA loves doing everything bigger and better than anywhere else. Discover it for yourself by exploring any of the 50 states – you’ll find each of them has an unwavering sense of their own identity and unforgettable experiences that are totally unique.


USA flight prices are generally more expensive in the summer months and school holidays, although flights to ski resorts can also be expensive throughout the winter sports season.

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